Traderoutes risk

This map is based off of a system of trade thoughout the map area. The largest continent is where the trade capitol is and whoever owns it should get massive troops. However, the area is difficult to defend considering it has many borders for enemy infultration.

If you are bored with the same old Risk gameboard, then look no further. On this site, you will find a variety of new maps to play in various sizes. They range from small miniatures for quick games, to ridiculously huge maps of epic proportions! As well as this, there is some info on various scenarios you can use to make your playing experience much more exciting. The Primer Information page has some material that might make it easier for you to print out the maps and prepare for gameplay. Enjoy.

Game rules

Game start

  • You can limit the size of the map by creating boundaries at the sides.
  • Every player chooses an island.
  • Select the player that will start (the youngest or roll a dice).
  • Before the game starts, you must divide the territory between all players. In turn, every player will put one brick on one field that he or she desires.

Game play

  • The player that is at turn gets 2 bricks for every island that he owns.
  • Place your bricks on whatever space that is your.
  • You can attack another space next to yours: tell the other players what space you will attack.
  • Move the your brick to the other space to attack. Important: you must keep at least one brick in your own space.
  • Roll 3 dices.
  • The defender rolls 2 dices.
  • The highest number counts –> The looser will lose one brick. No winners with equal numbers!
  • The attacker can continue attacking, until he stops. Then the next player is in turn.
  • Win an island by attacking this island. Defend it carefully!

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