Conquer the oceans

Make your own board games. It is fun to make and to play. Conquer the oceans and rule the seas!

Use your imagination and create an ocean with islands. Start with a drawing on a small paper. When you are happy, then you can start to create your board-game on a big cardboard. Finish the master peace while painting the ocean. Create different islands like volcano’s or small sand islands.

Send a picture of your maps to this website and let the world share your creativity.

Game rules

  • Every player chooses an island.
  • Throw the dice and put that number of lego bricks on the board.
  • You can only place bricks next to your bricks. Your color must be connected!
  • The next player can now roll the dice.
  • A player has to stop playing when there is space any more to conquer.
  • Continue until the complete ocean is filled.
  • The player with the most bricks wins!


  • Try to block your ocean as fast as possible.
  • Conquerer as much sea as possible, fill in the empty space later.


  • Use lego duplo bricks on larger boards.
  • Make a small board when you travel and use small lego bricks.
  • Make another world: use land maps or ice oceans or space maps. Let the children use their imagination!

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