Conquer earth

Rule the world and risk it all with a strategic choice.

This game is though and only for the strategical minded. This game uses a variant on the game rules of the popular game RISK and is a kind of Stratego game. Choose your land carefully and don’t try to heat up the enemy until you are ready to conquerer him completely.

Have fun!

Game rules

Game start

  • Collect some Lego bricks or other attributes to use as armies.
  • Select the player that will start (the youngest or roll a dice).
  • Every player chooses one land or water space in turn. Place one army on the field.
  • Continue util all land mass and the oceans are divided between all players.

Game play

  • The player that is at turn gets 2 bricks for every island that he owns.
  • Place your bricks on whatever space that is your.
  • You can attack another space next to yours: tell the other players what space you will attack.
  • Move the your brick to the other space to attack. Important: you must keep at least one army in your own space.
  • Roll 3 dices.
  • The defender rolls 2 dices.
  • The highest number counts –> The looser will lose one brick. No winners with equal numbers!
  • The attacker can continue attacking, until he stops. Then the next player is in turn.

You win by conquering the world. Defend your land carefully!

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