Board games

Board games are fun and easy to bring along in holidays. Here you can learn to create your own. Design your board game, complete with pieces, cards, everything!

Bored with all those old board games? Why don't you invent your own? It's easy to do and you'll have something you'll actually want to play when you're done!


Start with an idea. What sort of game do you want? A skill-testing one like Trivial Pursuit? A chance one like Sorry? Once you have that in mind, design your board.

Draw out a rough copy on a piece of paper. You can have the entire board comprise of squares like a chess board, or squares around the edge like Monopoly, or you can create a wavering design like Candy-land. Of course, there are many more options, shaped boards are fun and your squares can be any shape you like.

Now, take an old game board or a piece of cardboard large enough to be a game board and decorate it according to your design. You can paint it, glue on shapes made of felt, colored paper, or foil, or use markers to fix it up. Anything goes.

Make your own board game and send some pictures. We will post them online!

Enjoy the examples online. You will certainly get some useful ideas! Use whatever is available: board games with Lego bricks, toy cars, dices, paint, cardboard, ...

Have fun!